An interest-free car loan, too good to be true?


During the Motor Show, many private lenders lower the interest on car loans. Although you can take out an interest-free loan with some sellers. But is that wise? Further editorial at

The private Motor Show is the event to buy a car. Car salesmen then come up with all kinds of salon conditions and the private lenders cut interest rates.

Hard fight

car finance

And this year the battle is for the cheapest car financing. For example, private lenders have once again lowered the interest on car loans to a new low: 0.65 percent. The private lenders do that in the footsteps of, among others, private lenders. They had already lowered interest rates to 0.85 percent. That is 4 basis points lower than the record last year. That was then in the name of private lenders.

It remains to be seen whether the private lenders will dive under the rate of the large lenders. Lenders are expected to announce an interest rate cut at the Motor Show.

Zero rate car loans car salesman

Zero rate car loans car salesman

But not only the private lenders flows with cheap loans. The car manufacturers also sell loans. And those loans look very attractive with an interest rate of 0 (!) Percent. Even though a few snakes are hidden under the grass.

So you only enjoy a zero rate if you meet a number of strict conditions. For example, private lenders come up with such salon conditions. You can take out an interest-free car loan with the car manufacturer. Although the car giant requires an advance.

Large advances

For example, if you buy a car with a value of 16,806 dollars, you must pay private lenders an advance of 8,654 dollars. That is more than half the purchase value of your car. In addition, the car manufacturer requests that you repay that loan within 36 months. That translates into a monthly repayment of 226.44 dollars.

No advance at private lenders

Whoever borrows the same amount from one of the private lenders that offers an interest rate of 0.85 percent, pays 286.17 dollars a month if he repays that loan within 60 months. That is slightly more than at the car manufacturer. Although you do not have to pay an advance when you take out the loan.

In addition, you are free to determine the period within which you wish to pay off your loan. With some private lenders, you can extend that period yourself to 84 months so that the monthly repayment falls considerably to 206.12 dollars.

In addition, you may miss some other benefits if you take out a loan with your car manufacturer. For example, you may receive less discount on your car or enjoy fewer (free) options if you opt for an interest-free loan.

Balloon credit

cheap loan

Car manufacturers also like to respond to those monthly repayments. With a so-called balloon credit, they give interested parties the impression that their loan is very cheap because the monthly repayment is very low. But that is because at the end of the ride you still have to pay a considerably large amount.

You can sometimes decide to keep the car at the end or not. Moreover, there is a substantial price tag attached to such a loan. In other words, there is no longer a zero rate. So: think before starting.

4000 USD credit – Reduce your debt slowly



Private borrowers can benefit from an incredibly wide range of offers on the market today. Especially people who only want to take out a small loan in the four-digit USD range can now benefit from numerous offers with attractive conditions. A 4000 USD loan can now be purchased both locally at the banks and savings banks and online.

Many borrowers today opt for an online loan offer, because in addition to low interest rates, online loans also offer easy application, flexible contract design and quick availability. The fact that the online banks can offer loans on the Internet at significantly better terms can be attributed to the fact that the banks in the network neither have their own branch network, nor do they require a lot of personnel.

The enormous variety of offers on the market has primarily positive effects for the borrower, such as a low interest rate level, but whoever wants to find the best loan offer faces a difficult task. The loan comparison can only be made today with the help of the Internet, numerous financial portals provide a loan calculator free of charge for an objective comparison.

Secure a loan of over 4,000 USD at the best conditions – this should be taken into account when making a comparison

Secure a loan of over 4,000 USD at the best conditions - this should be taken into account when making a comparison

Borrowers who want to win the best long-term offer should not avoid a comparison on the Internet. When comparing, interest should always be taken into account as the most important comparison criterion. Basically, borrowers should be able to differentiate between target and effective interest rates. The borrowing rate is an adjusted interest rate that has no significant significance for the total loan costs. Borrowers who want to secure the offer with the lowest total loan costs should choose the effective interest rate as a basis for comparison.

The effective interest rate is variable and depends not only on the borrowing rate and the bank’s fees, but also on individual factors that affect the borrower. The effective interest rate takes into account, for example, the creditworthiness of the borrower, which is mainly defined by Credit Bureau and income. The borrower’s income should be as high as possible and the Credit Bureau should be positive. The term and loan amount are also important for the amount of the effective interest rate or the total loan costs.

A long term with a 4000 USD loan means that the remaining debt (due to the low installments) is reduced more slowly. Since the loan costs are determined from the remaining debt in the conventional repayment of installments, the borrower has to be prepared for high costs.

Get a 4000 USD loan on the best terms – Find the best offer with the loan calculator

Get a 4000 USD loan on the best terms - Find the best offer with the loan calculator

Finding a 4000 USD loan with attractive terms is not particularly difficult today. However, if you want to secure the best offer, you should not miss a loan calculator comparison. By considering individual loan sizes, the borrower can quickly determine the best loan offer.

If you don’t trust the internet loan by phone can be a good alternative


Not everyone comes from a generation that is at home on the Internet. You can still borrow via mobile.

It is true that the Internet is a world network that connects all of us, but on the other hand, its openness also raises distrust – certainly not only in older years. If you prefer to handle various things rather via mobile phone, you will surely find it useful that you do not have to fill in the fields of the Internet forms for the loan, but it is sufficient to call and handle everything in this form. For someone long, important for others, one hundred people mean one hundred tastes.


How much can you borrow? There are more possibilities

borrow money,credit loans thru mobile

For non-bank loans, their variability is a great advantage. In other words, withdrawing an amount between one and fifteen thousand crowns is entirely yours. It’s actually very simple, two, five, eight or ten thousand can be on your way to you in just a few moments. All you need to do is call the appropriate client line, which is open every weekday between 8 am and 6 pm. Then everything is easy to do to your full satisfaction, do not worry – it will be quick and most matter-of-fact, not dealing with a clerk, but with a man. If you want to have even more clear information about the loan, use the Internet without obligation. The loan calculator will help you to find out all the essentials without any personal visits and consultations. The call will then be absolutely sure, you will know exactly what you want.


Even on the phone will only be a short time

faster borrow money

It won’t be long, rely on it! Everything will only take a few minutes, you will be in contact with a professional who knows what looks and belongs. Soon you will be settled together and the money can be sent to the account where you need it. Everything works as it should, speed is similar to the Internet. As soon as you invoke, the contract will be executed and completed, certainly do not expect any delay. The online loan is also about the fact that you will not stand in an imaginary queue and the settlement is limited to the normal working hours. And what are the advantages of our non-bank loan?

  • Safe. Sure, this is very important. No sensitive data will just leak into the ether.
  • Variable. You can choose from various scenarios, borrow five, ten and fifteen thousand.

Car loan with guarantor cheaper loan interest

Mobility at a low price. The loan to buy a vehicle is not always expensive. Favorable interest rates and convenient repayment rates make car loans affordable. With a car loan with a guarantor, even cheaper loan interest can be chosen. The addition of a guarantee is very easy and possible for everyone – even with poor creditworthiness.

The dream car in front of the house

The dream car in front of the house

Get in and drive off. Get out of the daily grind and into a whole new activity. A chic car not only represents a good job, style and a sophisticated lifestyle, but above all it contributes to personal freedom. Many also see the vehicle as a hobby – driving is fun and a great car is part of their personal lifestyle.

Dreams come true with a car loan on favorable terms. With a guarantor, everyone can quickly and easily get their own vehicle financed. With a generous loan term, the repayment rates remain in line and fit into every budget. A quick and uncomplicated loan agreement, simple installments and long terms round off the interesting offers for the driver. A precise analysis, which is possible with many online comparison calculators, helps in the decision for the cheapest offer.

It’s that easy – at full throttle to a loan


A car loan is always possible even with poor creditworthiness or negative Credit Bureau entries. The providers of the loan agreements respond individually to the personal situation of the borrower. The numerous loan offers for buying a car are characterized by early repayments or repayment suspensions, small installments and flexible loan amounts.

When comparing providers, a variety of factors should be considered. Interest rates can be particularly cheap, but massive repayments and default fees often result in repayment difficulties during the term. To avoid this, it is advisable to check the fine print in an online comparison.

It couldn’t be cheaper – a car loan with a guarantor

It couldn

The online comparison of offers for car loans creates clarity and perspective. The assumption of guarantees is also generally not a problem. As the lender’s risk decreases, lending rates also fall. When the loan agreement is concluded, the guarantor signs a guarantee declaration, with which – if the borrower does not meet his obligations – he pays the repayment amounts due. In order to secure the car loan with a guarantor, it is necessary to compare the offers.

Quick and easy – the car loan

Quick and easy - the car loan

A guarantor not only makes the loan cheaper, it also simplifies the processing of the loan contract in many cases. With the signing of the guarantee declaration, the risk for the lender decreases, which can therefore provide more favorable conditions for the motor vehicle loan. This means that nothing stands in the way of the dream car, because the cheap repayment amounts are easy to budget for. At full speed, it will soon be a new and eventful life, if it means to get out of the gray everyday life – with the chic small or large car.

Fastest loan with approval within 15 minutes

Don’t you want to wait long? Do not worry, the small loan will be in your account in a short while!

Who would like queues today, will probably be a great freak. Everyone likes to save a little time for themselves, family or hobbies – just not wait unnecessarily for any document or approval request. This is true not only in the authorities, but also in the world of loans or various certificates. But if you want a smaller loan, you don’t have to wait for anything at all. It is available day and night, Saturday morning or Monday noon, just when you wish! And you do not have to pay anything in advance;


Without unnecessary delays and questions, simply

Without unnecessary delays and questions, simply

Of course, loan online immediately on the account. You won’t wait for anything long, you won’t have the least reason for dissatisfaction. Fifteen minutes and it’s done, quite differently than maybe in a bank or at various official meetings that never end – but they have to attend because of a car or buying a new apartment. A small non-bank loan will be easier than anything else! Just because you will apply for it online and thanks to the Internet, the whole deal will be done, ie without any visits to branches or long telephone conversations, which in addition, both parties are definitely not interested.


Up to fifteen thousand dollars, regardless of the purpose of use

Up to fifteen thousand dollars, regardless of the purpose of use

Attention, two very good news! You can borrow any amount up to the limit of fifteen thousand, which will definitely solve the vast majority of typical financial problems in Czech households. The second great news is that it will not be necessary to prove the purpose for which you are making such a loan at all. Hand on heart, would such an interrogation be justified at all? After all, it is not necessary to disclose certain information, especially if you are already proving at the time of negotiating the loan that you have sufficient funds to repay – what would then be important?


Few personal information privacy is protected

personal information privacy is protected

Certainly a free loan application does not have to be similar to a confessional, on the contrary! Just a few personal data to identify the applicants and nothing more! Absolutely risk-free, safe and discreet, even though it is possible to call a modern non-bank loan. And when it comes to getting everything without interest for the first time, it literally sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? All you have to do is repay the principal of the loan on the agreed dates – and then the interest will be cut. It sounds very simple, but don’t look for a hook here. At least you will have a look into the non-banking world and see what benefits await you here.On the contrary, the first free loan is already a classic of the Czech non-banking market, it pays to give it a chance.

Simple loan without collateral

Not having to pledge real estate or a car and still take a loan? No problem!

Everything goes smoothly, there is no reason to be stressed about the loan or to wait for problems with refusal. Everybody has their chance, the requirements on the client are minimal and there is no reason why you just might not work out in any way! Waiting for a response in a matter of minutes, whether you decide to ask early in the morning, at noon, or vice versa in the evening. Even on the holiday will reach you, so goodbye to some financial troubles!


Safe, fast, and even more convenient…

Safe, fast, and even more convenient…

Today’s world of non-bank loans works literally like the best Swiss watches. You do not have to worry about anything, because just a moment of sitting at the Internet. So make a coffee and think about the details of what your best loan should have . The advantage is that from the comfort of your home you can calculate everything without obligation, you have no essential pressure on the stone branch and the administration can do without documenting the purpose of the loan and similar pleasures . In other words, you have complete freedom of choice. There are indeed few conditions to prove permanent income or verify identity is a matter of course, but certainly do not expect anyone to ask about the purpose of the loan or need a fee in advance, or even a pledge.


Negotiation level, loan approval comes in return

Negotiation level, loan approval comes in return

Not only discreetly, but above all without unnecessary complications. In short, with a provider you can totally rely on! Nowadays it is difficult to find someone who is most transparent, but you will not be wrong here. You can borrow just a thousand dollars or two, for a mobile flat rate or a weekend grocery purchase for the whole family. But there are also up to fifteen thousand for a little more urgent and more expense, so don’t worry – there will be a tailor-made offer, whatever your requirements. A short-term loan is an ideal companion for households where a certain financial injection is required. What can you use it for?

  • The laptop is out, but you need a new one to work. There is nothing easier than to arrange a small loan and go to the nearest electricity, or order the necessary goods over the Internet.
  • Refrigerator, washing machine or any other appliance requires replacement. Then just choose a model and apply for a loan of its value. But do not forget to include the freight!
  • Overdue money orders. Do not hesitate, because there are penalties that can be effectively addressed. Ultimately, having all payments in order is key. Everything is then easily repaid from the next paycheck.

And surely there would be a few other options, but of course we leave it to you. It is a decision you have to make yourself – but the non-banking provider is ready every day and every hour to help you effectively.

What loan to take? Banking or non – banking

When you say a non-bank loan, many people will surely recall some of its benefits. For example, the speed of negotiation certainly plays a key role, but also the minimum of documents and personal data that must accompany the application itself. In many cases, a very promising interest rate or ancillary services can also be named.


What makes non-bank loans so attractive? There are several reasons

bank loan

There are many options on the market to arrange a non-bank loan that will be tailored exactly to your needs. This is just a big plus, as banks have certainly not adapted to their clients so often in the past and the trend is reversing very slowly. There is a large selection in the first place, everyone will surely name a few providers of non-bank loans, which he knows from advertising TV spots or daily newspapers. So you have a choice of dozens of different options, just choose the right one.


What are the other benefits of non-bank lending?

benefits of non-bank lending?

Other advantages of non-bank loans? Take the speed! You don’t have to wait days to finally get your turn, it will be done much sooner. Sometimes just a few minutes, approval can take place at the same speed both during normal business hours and, of course, beyond. This also applies to bank holidays or weekends when the bank will not work.


Everything happens online, so you don’t have to go anywhere

Everything happens online, so you don

A computer machine that approves loans from non-banking companies does not know concepts such as rest or vacation. It will work around the clock and take your time absolutely whenever you want. Sunday evening, Wednesday noon, when you have a break at work, on Christmas Eve morning, choose is available around the clock. So if quick approval is a priority for you, surely a non-bank loan is absolutely ideal. You can arrange it whenever you want – and not according to the opening hours of the provider’s stone branch.


Money transfer is also fast, not just the realization of the loan

Money transfer is also fast, not just the realization of the loan

If you’re really in a hurry for money, it’s hard to find a better option. Indeed, the advantage of non-bank loans is that the money will be transferred the same day the application was approved. In fact, conversions are instant – so literally while you wait. A simple solution for working students, mothers on maternity leave, entrepreneurs and employees in government, practically anyone who can prove their permanent income and have their own bank account.

You can arrange a small loan for a shorter period of time. For example, a thousand crowns per week, two thousand crowns for ten days, three thousand for two weeks. There are no limits to the possibilities, you have a lot of them. Just inform yourself, there is also a non-binding calculation, thanks to which you will immediately know how much a possible loan would actually cost you.

Advantageous loan with approval within fifteen minutes

A small loan will never hurt, especially if you have thought and considered it well before.

When you need a helping hand, it’s not quite true that you can find it at the end of your shoulder. On the contrary, in terms of finance rushes with the offer of a non-banking company and it is true that you handle everything very quickly. There is no need for complex administration or anything like that. You won’t waste your time to devote yourself elsewhere. You will not have wrinkles, as from acting in offices. It will literally go like butter, so no stress!


Without a personal meeting, it certainly will also

fill up,loans,money,credit

You do not have to go to the branch, but do everything over the Internet. It will be really easy, just enter your basic personal information and everything will be ready soon. Watch SMS, watch incoming messages about your account status. Within fifteen minutes, the entire transaction can be completed, so you can take a short walk to a nearby ATM, withdraw money, shop at a supermarket, or pay for what is needed. The payday loan is very quick and also without questions, which is important not only for those who are in a hurry, but also for those who respect their privacy above all and do not intend to disclose more than is absolutely necessary by law . One thousand a week, five thousand for three weeks, just as you need it because the arrangement is fair and factual.


What are the other benefits of such a loan?

What are the other benefits of such a loan?

Of course, the bonus is certainly not just the speed with which you negotiate the transaction. There are many more benefits, so let’s talk about them a little bit more. As a newcomer to the world of non-bank loans, you may be a little surprised at how much there is. Do not expect any extensive contracts!

  • Safety. All communication between the provider and you is carefully encrypted.
  • Flexibility . You can arrange a loan for a week, but for up to twenty-eight days.
  • Simplicity. No pledge, guarantor, ten-party contract or the like.
  • Transparent negotiations. What was agreed, this also applies, no unilateral change of conditions.

Add to this all the interesting discounts for regular clients and rich loyalty program, there is certainly nothing to complain – rather the contrary. Moreover, an internet loan is absolutely discreet, it may not be known to neighbors, and if you pay attention to your language and mobile phone, perhaps even your wife. The Internet is a medium that speeds up life and saves a lot of time, otherwise, it will be the case. You will not pay any fees in advance and a similar loan will do without the formalities required by the banking sector. You don’t have to have a personal account, you don’t have to disclose intimate details. All you need is the information needed to identify the applicant and no longer cares about the provider!